Dr. Bonnie Dixon

UMD University of Maryland, College Park Spring 2024

Contact me for 1-on-1 tutoring right away and I'll help you stay sane in Dr. Dixon's CHEM 241 and BCHM 463, CHEM 241 (Summer), or CHEM 135 class at UMD. I'll teach you how she formulates exam questions, how to best prepare for her extremely difficult exams, and help you pass her class on the FIRST try.

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Dr. Dixon's Exam Style

A lot of students organize their schedules around avoiding Dr. Dixon. This is because she teaches 6 chemistry classes up to Biochemistry 463, and it's likely every student will end up in her class at least once. I can help you navigate around her course times or help you pass her class on the 1st try.
Dr. Dixon's exams are very difficult and require more conceptual understanding and memorization than other professors.
Contact me for regular 1-on-1 tutoring for CHEM 241 and BCHM 463 ASAP, and I can show you concepts that Dr. Dixon focuses in her exam questions.
In the 15 years I've been tutoring her class, Dr. Dixon has created all of her own questions and has never ONCE repeated a problem verbatim on any of her graded homeworks or exams.

CHEM 241 and BCHM 463 Points Breakdown

    • Where Do These Stats Come From?

    They come from actual exam & final averages of most recent semester she taught CHEM 241 and BCHM 463.

      Drop Rates

    16.71 Drop Rate.

      Exam Averages

    Tutor With Me For This Information!

      Exam Points

    Midterms 1, 2 & 3: 300 points total / Final Exam: 160 points

      Bonus Points


      Online Homework

    12 Homeworks (15 Points Each) - 180 Points Total

  • Study Tips for CHEM 241 and BCHM 463 Exams

    Avoid Distractions

    Silence your phone, videos, and tell family to stop bugging you to create a focused environment.

    Keep Going

    Re-do a problem 5 times - this helps cement your knowledge, and recall it under high pressure testing environment.

    Practice Old Exams

    Execute on old exams. Even if you get the wrong answer, you'll learn from your mistakes faster.

    Why Tutor with Me for Dr. Dixon's CHEM 241 and BCHM 463?

    • Tech Savvy Tutor - I know the ins and outs of online meeting software, like Zoom, Webex, and Join.me. I'll easily fix your tech issues as well to ensure our session runs smoothly.

      Learn to Sound Smart with Your Professor - Learn how to shine among your peers by visiting office hours often with "smart" questions ready in hand - I'll teach you how and what questions to ask and get the most out of 1-on-1 face time during Dr. Dixon's office hours.

      Learn The Source of Exam Questions - Learn the pattern of past questions Dr. Dixon has created so you can hone your skills on topics that will likely be on exams.

      Protect Your Grade and Sanity - If you look up Dr. Dixon's Rate My Professor page, you'll see that her reviews are emotive. That's because her CHEM 241 and BCHM 463, CHEM 241, and CHEM 135 are genuinely hard and lots of students struggle - often to the point of failing out. I can help you pass with my tailored tutoring sessions!

  • Email me: helpme@aromaticprep.com
    Text or Call me: (301) 500-0289‬

    Please include your phone number.