Chemistry Tutoring

For UMD Students Summer 2019

Email me for rates & schedule:
Text or Call: 657-777-CHEM (657-777-2436)

My name is Joy, and I'm available to tutor you for every Exam and Final this Summer 2019. I respond within 3 hours!

I'm a private professional General Chemistry (chem), Organic Chemistry (orgo) and Biochemistry (biochem) tutor. I specialize in 1-on-1 lessons with emphasis on old exams, and meet in person at the University of Maryland College Park (UMD) or online at your convenience.
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I can help you with the following classes:

  • Dr. Natalia White
  • Dr. Earle Stone
  • Dr. Elizabeth Griffith
  • Dr. Christopher Capp
  • Dr. Monique Koppel
  • Dr. Lenea Stocker
  • Dr. Lee Friedman
  • Dr. Bonnie Dixon
  • Dr. Pedro Bueno
  • Dr. Christiana Guest (461)
  • Dr. Douglas Julin (462)
  • Dr. Amanda Schech (463)

Students Feedback of Their First Session:

"Oh my god, no tutor I've ever worked with has given me worksheets, past exams, and a folder... I learn really well in that way where everything is very concise and clear cut and color it was really helpful"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Daniel Falvey

"I feel better already...I really learn better 1-on-1. My notes that I take in class, with all my chem professors so far look like a foreign language to me. They don't give all the details, like you (tutor) started with 'Oxidation means this, and Reduction is this...' I literally feel better already"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Daniel Falvey

"That is a lot easier, thank you! I've been at this for hours and you did it in 5 minutes"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Michael Montague-Smith

"This way is definitely easier (lesson learned with tutor), makes more sense. The way he (Dr. MS) does it, it just feels like reaction after reaction after reaction. They're just all separate things you have to memorize - that's more overwhelming than this way."
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Michael Montague-Smith

"I'm getting everything so this is a miracle. I work a lot better when it's just one-page (summaries provided by tutor), read that, understand it, do it again and you're fine...I've tried to read Loudoun (textbook), and he's just a mess - I never understand what Loudoun is saying and it's really confusing so this is a lot better"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Daniel Falvey

"I think I need this, because I had no idea what I was doing before today. (tutor) Do you feel more confident about attacking the problems? (student) especially about those that we just went over....there is a pattern that you can recognize"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Michael Montague-Smith

"This was extremely helpful you have no idea. At least now I know when I"m studying I'll know what I'm actually studying about"
- Student in CHEM 231 Tutoring with Dr. Joseph Houck

(tutor) "Was this helpful at all?" (student) "A thousand percent!"
- Student in CHEM 231 Tutoring with Dr. Joseph Houck

"I wish I had called you before the 2nd exam - that would've been really helpful'"
- Student in CHEM 231 Tutoring with Dr. Lee Friedman

"This filled in a lot of holes for me, and I think that's what I'm missing, I think the biggest problem is that I'm trying to do all these problems without a basis to do so...I think this helped a lot"
- Student in CHEM 241 Tutoring with Dr. Herman Sintim

"That helped so much I understand more than I have this whole class"
- Student in CHEM 135 Tutoring with Dr. Monique Koppel

Why Tutor With Me?

Learn to Organize and Prioritize

  • I'll help you stay focused so you don't feel lost - there's nothing worse than studying the wrong material.
  • Access to Top Notch Resources

  • Most up-to-date technology used during sessions
  • Access to more exams than Koofers, Chegg and Coursehero
  • Customized worksheets and flowcharts to speed knowledge retention
  • Efficient Use of Your Time

  • You'll be learning every minute we're together 1-on-1
  • I weed out the BS from the textbook/lecture and get straight to the point.
  • Flexible

  • Available every day to meet you at UMD College Park campus - even weekends!
  • See Me in Action

    View the Ring Expansion video to gauge my tutoring style and get a sense of a potential session with me. Ring Expansion is a difficult concept to grasp in Organic Chemistry. My highly edited video is focused on clearly explaining the background and applying the knowledge within exams.