Dr. Daniel Falvey

UMD University of Maryland, College Park Spring 2023

Contact me for tutoring now, and I'll help you navigate CHEM 237, which Dr. Falvey has not taught in 10+ years. I'll share his past exam and teaching style from several years of experience, how he curves, and help you get the most out of his lectures.

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Dr. Falvey's Exam Style

Expect to be tested on at least 3 topics (not covered in the textbook) that are applications from real life.
Most exams are designed for students to finish, or answer accurately, but not BOTH at the same time.
He generally has 3 exams and a final in Orgo 2 (CHEM 241). Since Spring 2021 is his first time teaching Orgo 1 in 10+ years, that could change.
Dr. Falvey does not have any recent CHEM 237 exams to make available to students. Contact me if you'd like access to my CHEM 237 resources from other CHEM 237 professors at UMD!

CHEM 237 Points Breakdown

    • Where Do These Stats Come From?

    They come from actual exam & final averages of most recent semester he taught CHEM 241, and from Dr. Falvey's CHEM 237 Spring 2021 syllabus.

      Drop Rates

    6.99% Drop Rate.

      Exam Averages

    Tutor With Me to Get This Information!

      Exam Points

    Midterms 1, 2 & 3: 300 points / Final Exam: 200 Points

      Online Homework (Sapling)

    10 Homeworks (15 Points Each) 150 points total - Spring 2021 Pandemic Special - Traditionally NO homework points.

  • Study Tips for CHEM 237 Exams

    Avoid Distractions

    Silence your phone, videos, and tell family to stop bugging you to create a focused environment.

    Practice Old Exams

    Execute on old exams. Even if you get the wrong answer, you'll learn from your mistakes faster.

    Ask Questions

    Be bold and ask direct questions when you're stuck - there's value in wrong answers so you can recognize and avoid them.

    Why Tutor with Me for Dr. Falvey's CHEM 237?

    • Focus on What's "Actually" Tested - I emphasize topics that I know have been historically tested on in your class during our sessions. I'll reinforce really important subjects that you'll need to know to pass your exams and get your desired grade.

      Accelerated Catch Up - If you're behind, I'll help you catch up 10x faster than studying on your own using private resources.

      Learn to Sound Smart with Your Professor - Learn how to shine among your peers by visiting office hours often with "smart" questions ready in hand - I'll teach you how and what questions to ask and get the most out of 1-on-1 face time during Dr. Falvey's office hours.

      Beat the Curve - Dr. Falvey has a complicated curve system that is based upon the 5th highest score. Tutoring with me to figure out how to stay ahead of your peers and on top of the curve.

  • Email me: helpme@aromaticprep.com
    Text or Call me: (301) 500-0289‬

    Please include your phone number.