Dr. Lyle Isaacs

UMD University of Maryland, College Park Spring 2024

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Dr. Isaacs's Exam Style

10-15% of his exams test for the exact structures of molecules and correct spelling of names.
Dr. Isaacs takes questions from the end of each chapter, especially harder problems that include chemistry exceptions.
Dr. Isaacs difficult exams have been consistent over the last 9 years, but they are a lot denser than other professor's content.
Exams are very long and conceptual. They contain questions on naming, lots of ring-opening and closing, double-ended reactions, mechanisms, synthesis, resonance exceptions, and NMR spectroscopy.

CHEM 241 Points Breakdown

    • Where Do These Stats Come From?

    My stats are based on actual exam/final averages and curves cutoffs from the most recent semester he taught CHEM 241.

      Drop Rates

    10.79% Drop Rate.

      Exam Points

    Midterms: 3 x 150 Points (450 Points) / Final: 300 Points

      Clicker Points

    100 Points

      Bonus Points


  • Study Tips for CHEM 241 Exams

    Don’t Cram

    Plan ahead at least 2 weeks. Study by chapter so you absorb in digestible chunks.

    Keep Going

    Re-do a problem 5 times - this helps cement your knowledge, and recall it under high pressure testing environment.

    Get Help Early

    Work with a tutor, find a study group, or talk to your professor if you get stuck.

    Why Tutor with Me for Dr. Isaacs's CHEM 241?

    • Study the Right Resources - 2 curriculum switches occurred within UMD's chemistry department within the last 5 years. Past exams may not be relevant to your current exam, so you'll have to be careful. Tutor with me to gain knowledge in HOW to study for Dr. Isaacs CHEM 241 exams, and avoid wasting time focusing on the wrong material.

      Tech Savvy Tutor - I know the ins and outs of online meeting software, like Zoom, Webex, and Join.me. I'll easily fix your tech issues as well to ensure our session runs smoothly.

      Learn to Sound Smart with Your Professor - Learn how to shine among your peers by visiting office hours often with "smart" questions ready in hand - I'll teach you how and what questions to ask and get the most out of 1-on-1 face time during Dr. Isaacs's office hours.

      Learn The Source of Exam Questions - Learn where Dr. Isaacs sources his exam and homework questions. ~50% of professors do not make their own exam questions.

  • Email me: helpme@aromaticprep.com
    Text or Call me: (301) 500-0289‬

    Please include your phone number.