Dr. Lee Friedman

UMD University of Maryland, College Park Spring 2023

Tutor with me 1-on-1 now, and I'll show you how to conquer Dr. Friedman's CHEM 241 or CHEM 242 class, help you stay on top of those unforgiving lab submission deadlines, and what to expect on his lab midterms and finals.

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Dr. Friedman's Exam Style

He provides only 3 old exams and no past finals for CHEM 241 and CHEM 242 studying. He never tests on the exact same exam question twice.
Dr. Friedman copies all of his HNMR graphs from a 3rd party website and uses them for exams and post labs.
Dr. Friedman expects students to “go through the process of analyzing data, processing information, and applying logic and scientific reasoning to come to a rational conclusion.” However, expect his post-lab and exam questions to be impossible to answer without Ph.D. graduate level Orgo knowledge.
Dr. Friedman’s Spectroscopy questions require your brain to channel deep thinking. He refers to them as “fun puzzles”, but students prefer to call them a “confusing maze”. Tutor 1-on-1 with me, and I’ll help train your thinking to convert the maze back into a puzzle.

CHEM 242 Points Breakdown

    • Where Do These Stats Come From?

    My grading estimates are based on actual exam/final averages and curves cutoffs from the most recent semester he taught online CHEM 242 in Fall 2020.

      Drop Rates

    12.24% Drop Rate.

      Exam Averages

    Midterm Average: 42% / Final Averages to be posted later.

      Exam Points

    Midterm / Final: 75 Points Each


    183 Points

      Bonus Points


  • Study Tips for CHEM 242 Exams

    Practice Old Exams

    Execute on old exams. Even if you get the wrong answer, you'll learn from your mistakes faster.

    Ask Questions

    Be bold and ask direct questions when you're stuck - there's value in wrong answers so you can recognize and avoid them.

    Keep Going

    Re-do a problem 5 times - this helps cement your knowledge, and recall it under high pressure testing environment.

    Why Tutor With Me for Dr. Friedman's CHEM 242 Lab?

    • Stay on Top of Deadlines - Dr. Friedman does not tolerate late submissions for ANY reason. I'll help you beat those unforgiving CHEM 242 lab submission deadlines to keep your grade up.

      Exam Tips and Tricks - Get tips and secret resources used by Dr. Friedman. Know UMD's peculiarities and learn specific strategies to study for exams.

      Tech Savvy Tutor - I know the ins and outs of online meeting software, like Zoom, Webex, and Join.me. I'll easily fix your tech issues as well to ensure our session runs smoothly.

      Learn to Sound Smart with Your Professor - Learn how to shine among your peers by visiting office hours often with "smart" questions ready in hand - I'll teach you how and what questions to ask and get the most out of 1-on-1 face time during Dr. Friedman's office hours.

  • Email me: helpme@aromaticprep.com
    Text or Call me: (301) 500-0289‬

    Please include your phone number.