CHEM 241

UMD University of Maryland, College Park Fall 2023

Contact me for tutoring right now, and you'll learn insider tips on how CHEM 241 professors create exam questions and set curved grade cutoffs at UMD. Gain access to my entire CHEM 241 test bank and resources to help you prepare for your upcoming exams.

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Fall 2023 Professors at University of Maryland, College Park

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What to look out for in UMD CHEM 241

    • Past Exam Keys

    Tutor with me to gain access to my extensive CHEM 241 exam keys. Most professors do not share enough old exams and students lack relevant practice problems.

      Make-Up Exam Policy

    75% of professors have their makeup exams a few days before the final. Students are frequently surprised they are comprehensive exams, which feels like a 2nd final!

      Not Enough Resources

    Students frequently make the long trek to office hours just to take pictures of old exams. Sometimes they encounter canceled office hours or a 20+ minute wait just to enter. Tutor with me 1-on-1 to avoid this struggle, as I'll provide you my whole exam set!

      Competitive Office Hours

    Students tend to wait ~30 minutes before the professor opens their door, just to be the 1st to ask their own questions.

  • Study Tips for CHEM 241 Exams

    Ask Questions

    Be bold and ask direct questions when you're stuck - there's value in wrong answers so you can recognize and avoid them.

    Keep Going

    Redo a problem 5 times - this helps cement your knowledge, and recall it under high pressure testing environment.

    Get Help Early

    Work with a tutor, find a study group, or talk to your professor if you get stuck.

    Why Tutor With Me for CHEM 241?

    • Jog Your Memory - I frequently tutor CHEM 241 students who claim they “forgot” all their Orgo 1, and their common attribute is taking a semester break after Orgo 1. Tutor with me 1-on-1 for shortcuts to quickly regain your Orgo 1 knowledge (it’s easier than you think!).

      Accelerated Catch Up - If you're behind, I'll help you catch up 10x faster than studying on your own using private resources.

      Excel on What's "Actually" Tested - ~75% of UMD professors recycle old exam questions. Some professors repeat entire exams verbatim, some repeat only 1 or 2 questions per test. Yet, having seen them, students still don’t know how to begin due to confusing wording. Tutor 1-on-1 with me and I’ll help you translate Chemistry into English so you can answer quickly and correctly.

      Relentless Class Pace - You start learning 2 to 20 (yikes!) new reactions from day 1 and it does not end until finals. Students frequently complain that they have to memorize 200+ reactions by finals. As a tutor, I will provide you with custom flowcharts that will help you quickly understand all 200+ reactions.

  • Email me:
    Text or Call me: (301) 500-0289‬

    Please include your phone number.